Professionalism at all levels

You benefit from our high quality standards in all areas of our company, as well as in the selection of our suppliers. We are constantly working to improve quality and safety. Due to a diverse machine park as well as investments in automation, we are able to produce large series as well as individual products with batch size 1. Flexibility is a must. As an original sheet metal processing company, we have all the machines to perform classic sheet metal work such as bending, punching, cutting and welding. For years, however, we have been investing in automation in order to produce high-quality and flexible work steps via robots. For example, we run fully automated cutting, edging and welding processes.

High-precision welding with our new robot.

With our laser cutter, we can achieve high volumes quickly and accurately.

Sustainability and responsibility

We pay special attention to sustainability. Accordingly, we not only offer you products that save energy during operation and leave the environment and surroundings as undamaged as possible. But we also take a responsible approach to production and logistics. The efficient and careful use of our employees, materials and resources is a matter of course for us.