Dear customer,

We have been a trustworthy and reliable partner in filter and ventilation technology since 1970. During this time, we are proud to have gained and provided first-class advice to many customers, some of them international, from the trade and ventilation construction as well as commercial kitchen and filter technology.

Our mission

As your experienced partner, we live the values of the “honorable merchant”. It is our concern to guarantee you and your customers the highest level of quality and safety in both the planning and execution of the projects.

We live innovation

In the search for solutions that increase the efficiency of our products and service, we often break new ground for our customers. For example, today we can offer you aerosol separators with unrivaled high separation efficiencies and low pressure losses, rely on state-of-the-art EC technology, or meet all standards relevant to safety and hygiene.

Focus on safety

In addition, safety is already in our focus during the planning and also during the realization of customer projects. Our know-how offers you as a planner or installation company a maximum of planning and legal security. This protects you particularly in the event of liability or damage with regard to compliance with the current German standards and norms.